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About Linencut

Our Mission:

A linen clothing brand that celebrates comfort and color through simple cuts & designs.

Cut, sewn and designed out of our homegrown studio in Ahmedabad, India, our one-of-a-kind pieces are ethically made from natural laundered linen combined with local artisan techniques and skills of differently-abled people to encourage responsible and conscious fashion.

Our bodies change in shape and size, it could be due to nature, age, or our own personal choices and circumstances throughout our lifetime- we bloat, gain weight, lose weight- it’s important to have clothes that will fit all the time & make one feel confident.

Linencut offers garments that allow one to live comfortably and stay positively connected to one’s self!

Our Values:

Excellence in quality: We believe that unflinching commitment to quality is key to sustainable growth

Responsible fashion: We believe in conscious clothing made from 100% natural and sustainable fabrics

Social Impact: We believe in giving back! Our products use local artisanal techniques and are made by differently-abled people

Ethical manufacturing: We work under Humane Working Conditions and ensure that we observe the code of conduct. We are an ethical brand empowering the lives of artisans in India through fair and living wages and an uplifting, positive working environment.

Our Products:

Our garments are ideal to be worn on all occasions with designs that offer the casual as well as the corporate look, garments that makes one feel comfortable, colors that makes one feel vibrant & cheerful. Our product line is low maintenance requiring only a hand wash or a gentle tumble wash and steam press.

We Offer:

For Women: dresses, shirts, blouses, jackets, stoles, trousers, skirts & sarees
For Men: kurtas, shirts, jackets, and trousers
For Kids: Dresses, Shirts, Pajamas

Our Story & Vision:

My name is Prasun and my vision is to create a sustainable and elegant fashion label that celebrates one’s body, makes one feel comfortable and stylish at all times. An important aspect of apparel is the fabric and linen was the most obvious choice. Traditionally, Linen has burdened with myths of high maintenance and therefore not the obvious choice for many. After extensive research, I realized that it is the healthiest fabric in terms of its benefits not only to the human body but to the environment too. Contrary to high maintenance, in reality, a simple tumble wash or a hand wash is enough. It is more breathable, absorbs more moisture, and wearing comfort is higher.

The design philosophy is deeply focused on three things color, quality, and comfort. A fan of all things natural, the garments are simple and elegant allowing for the fabric and silhouette to speak for themselves. A block printed cotton garment may fade after a few washes, but linen-like fine wine – only gets better and softer with time. Each of our pieces is versatile in a way that you can wear one to work in the morning and make your way to a party in the evening. The brand Linencut speaks for itself as work to weekend wardrobe.

Rising global temperatures, make linen the most comfortable clothing since it is a breathable fabric. With the perfect blend of color, technique, design, and fit, get ready to make your life simpler yet stylish and sustainable with laundered clothing from Linencut!

An important aspect for me is my life philosophy which is you gain only if you give. With Linencut, the philosophy of giving back stands strong for us and local artisanal crafts such as applique work, block-printing, hand embroidery are integrated into our designs. At Linencut, we are working hard to build an eco-friendly and community-oriented label to cater to the fashionista in you.

We welcome you to explore our designs and hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we have enjoyed making them.

Know linen:

Sustainable Fabric
Linen is made from the flax plant and growing flax requires less water than cotton. There is very little waste with flax; another part of the plant, like the seeds, can be used to produce linseed oil or flax seeds for consumption.

Linen is easy to maintain, can be hand-washed, machine washed or dry cleaned.

Absorbent and breathable
Linen fabric goes damp and dry very soon, that is why the fabric warms during the cold night and cools the body during the hot midday.

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