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Contemporary Conscious Clothing

Inspired by sustainable living and responsible fashion. Cut, sewn and designed out of our homegrown studio in Ahmedabad. Our pieces are ethically made from 100 percent natural and sustainable linen combined with local artisan techniques and skills of differently abled people to encourage responsible and conscious fashion through sustainable clothing.


LinenCut-“Excellent quality and timeless styles ”

LinenCut-“Excellent quality and timeless styles ” . This is surely going to be my frequent go-to Brand for all season buy.Linencut as name goes is state of Art Brand which can flatter any women of today .Love the gorgeous mix of neutrals and vivid brights.Looking forward for next collection.

- Richa Gautam (Creative Head knits Arvind LTD)

Linencut clothes are comfortable and chic

Linencut clothes are comfortable and chic, suiting a broad spectrum of women and men. The fact that the material is organic and the production has sustainability in mind, makes it all the more desirable.

- Neena Parikh : Director Neekoee Foundation

Beautiful design And Perfect cuts

Beautiful design.perfect cuts and breathing fabric. outstanding colors. its style statement

- Dr.Supriya Dalal

Anita and Prasun have a wonderful brand called linencut

Anita and Prasun have a wonderful brand called linencut I had the opportunity to write about them on my blog . My most favorite pieces of clothing are linen and I’m happy to have associated with them Clean cuts , refreshing colors and totally weather friendly ! Wishing you the best always

- Surbhi

It is fantastically well done

It is fantastically well done. Well styled. So many brands, so many style but well done is the key factor! Cut above the well.... LinenCut. Well style is possible but without well done no value! I saw the inauguration and amazed!!! I wish the Brand all the very best and great success. It's above the cut.... LinenCut....

- Subroto Bhomik

Very wearable line of clothes

Very wearable line of clothes.... super quality and cuts! I prefer it in my daily wear.

- Radhika Shah

Fabulous colors, great fabric

Fabulous colors, great fabric, very stylish yet affordable prices, good garments for tropical weather, what more could you ask for? Excellent and Exceptional Wear.

- Smita Dani

The garments are very elegant & stylish

The garments are very elegant & stylish with great fit & comfort.. The passion of people behind this label is palpable.

- Milan Shah : CFO ( Mafatlal Industries )

Being into fashion photography

Being into fashion photography for more then 35 yrs, I've done photoshoots for many clothing brands & shot many catalogues. So when Prasoonbhai came to studio with his LinenCut stuff, first of all I considered it as just another routine photoshoot. But once the shoot began - I looked through my lens & WOW, what I observed was the classic style, colours and the comfortness of his clothing made from the finest of linen. Even my international model was very impressed with all the outfits since it was looking effortlessly simple and elegant .. Since then I've been great fan of linenCut clothing and we look forward for more & more exciting lineup from them.

- Ashish Sompura

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